Realtor Referral Network Terms

Thank you for your interest in joining our referral network. As a referrer, you will receive the equivalent of 1
month’s management fees for any client that you refer who signs a contract with Westside Property
Management. Said fee will be paid within 30 days from 1st receipt of management fees collected by Westside
Property Management. All we require is a Broker signed W9 prior to payment of referral fee.  To get started please complete and return the Agent Referral form along with a signed non-circumvent Addendum.

The Addendum references our Non-Circumvent policy. Here are the details:
Referring Agent has an existing business relationship with Client. Client desires
lease listing and/or professional Property Management services provided by Recipient Broker. Referring
Agent hereby refers the Client to Property Manager only for the purposes of listing Client’s property for
lease, and/or for professional Property Management services if desired by Client. Any interference in
the existing Client relationship with Referring Agent for real estate transactions involving the purchase
or sale of Client’s property would damage Referring Agent. Therefore, Property Manager hereby agrees,
for himself, his officers, directors, agents, associates and related parties, that for a period of five (10)
years after the date of this Agreement, they will not, directly or indirectly, contact, deal with, solicit or
otherwise become involved with any entity or parties (a “Client”) introduced, directly or indirectly, to
Property Manager by or through Referring Agent pursuant to this Agreement, for services outside the
scope of this Referral Agreement, unless that involvement arises through a business relationship
between Property Manager and Referring Agent. Specifically, Property Manager further agrees that, for
a period of five (10) years after the date of this Agreement, they will not represent Client, either as a
seller or buyer, in any transaction related to the purchase or sale of real property. Property Manager
agrees explicitly to direct Client to the Referring Agent for such transactions. Should Property Manager
breach this agreement and represent Client in the purchase or sale of real property, Property Manager
shall compensate Referring Agent in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the gross
compensation earned by Property Manager on the Client’s side of any such transaction.