"How easy is it to sign up and get started with your company managing my property?”
If you decide to sign up with us we can process the entire transition in 24 hours or less. Even if you live out of town, we utilize a digital transaction management system which allows everything to be done online.
“How long does it usually take you to fill a vacancy?”
On average it takes us 2 weeks to secure a qualified tenant.  However, there are many variables that come in to play such as the time of year, location, type and condition of property, supply and demand and price point. During the winter, vacancies can take longer to fill.  And higher priced rentals can take longer to lease then more inexpensive entry level apartments due to a lower demand.
Do you require I use your own maintenance and repair people?
We offer our clients our own trusted, professional and comprehensive handyman services and maintain a vast network of trusted third-party vendors in every area of expertise imaginable.  However, if you have your own vendors that you would like us to use, we are more than happy to use them for your property.
My family owns an investment property and we have been managing it ourselves for decades, but we are getting older and feel the time has come to hire a professional property manager. Do you have experience in working with family’s who are in our shoes?
Westside Property Management Inc. is a family business and is all about family. We work with family’s, big and small, and will help ease the stress of making such a big decision.  We know how to take “baby-steps” and have the experience, patience, and understanding needed to successfully navigate through these delicate transitions.