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Maintenance issues got you tense?

Dealing with maintenance and repairs is easily one of the more stressful parts of owning a rental properties. We are here to help by providing you with professional, responsive and affordable, maintenance and repair services.

We have relationships with reliable and skilled contractors, handyman, and service providers. This can save you a lot of money over the life of your investment property.  And if you decide to purchase a rental property that needs a lot of work, you can buy with the confidence that we can help prepare the home to be rented.

We Conduct Inspections of Completed Repairs:

We will inspect all major repairs on the property to ensure that the work was done well before we pay any of the bills.

Large Jobs? No Problem!

Larger Renovations: When major repairs or renovations are needed, we will collect bids from the area’s best contractors to help keep your costs low while ensuring the job is done well. You will be contacted for approval on all major repairs. We will then schedule and coordinate the repairs with the contractors and the property’s occupant.

We see the big picture

When you partner with us, we will handle the repairs at every turn. Our maintenance team is available 24/7 to address any regular and emergency repairs.  From the initial bid on the job to the final inspection, our team will ensure that the job is done correctly, expeditiously, and at a reasonable cost.

Recommendations for Property Improvements

Keeping up with improvements around your property is important to maintaining the value of your property. We will perform inspections of your property, and provide recommendations for maintenance and improvements that will maintain and improve the value of the property.

Home Warranty Plan?

If you have a home warranty plan, we will work with the home warranty company to save you valuable time. We will also follow up to ensure the repairs were completed as needed.

Let us take away the stress of handling your own maintenance and repairs