(310) 310-8063 | 24/7 Maintenance Ext. 2 [email protected]

Listed below are some scenarios that require Emergency Service. To better serve you, and all of our residents, we please ask to only call after normal business hours if one of the following (or near similar) scenarios apply.

Emergency Services Request Scenarios:


  • No heat in the property and the outside temperature is below 55 degrees or is forecast to be below 55 degrees
  • No air conditioning in the property and the outside temperature is above 80 degrees or is forecast to be above 80 degrees


  • No electricity to major appliances such as refrigerator, stove, or HVAC units
  • No electricity to over 50% of the home


  • Clogged sewer line: if there is no other usable bathroom in the property
  • Burst water supply lines


  • Refrigerator not working


  • Storm damage to roof: tree limbs on roof, etc.
  • Elevator Malfunction
  • Community Entrance blocked


  • Security/Entrance Gate Malfunction
  • Fire Systems: Smoke alarm continuously sounding, sprinklers running, etc.
  • Call boxes/FOB/Access to home i.e. unable to access or enter property (We do not provide emergency lock out services, tenant is required to call their own locksmith to gain access to the property).
  • Break-in/Burglary (Call the proper authorities and file a report before contacting us).
  • Broken Lock/Broken Window that is easily accessible (i.e. first floor) allowing for potential break-in/burglary.

If you have a non-emergency maintenance request please submit the request through your Tenant Portal.

For your convenience, Westside Property Management provides emergency maintenance services. If you believe you have a true emergency maintenance request please read the information below. If it is a life threatening emergency dial 911 immediately.

If any of these scenarios apply during normal business hours please call us at 310-310-8063, and if it’s after hours, dial 310-909-0280.