Water Conservation

water conservationDid you know that for a limited time your property may qualify for low-flow, high efficiency toilet replacement, free of charge?  In fact, the California Legislature AB 715 Chapter 499 law effective January 1, 2014 now requires all water closets sold and installed be high efficiency toilets.  We can help find out if your property may qualify and as your property manager- facilitate this government paid for, free upgrade to your property.


solarWe work with a variety of Solar Energy consultants and contractors who provide us and our clients with a variety of options to help reduce energy costs and increase income.  Whether you are interested in lowering energy costs through the installation of Solar panels, solar pool heating hot water system revamping- we have solutions.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LEd lightingWith the cost of electricity going through the roof we have developed immediate and gradual strategies for retrofitting and/or upgrading existing interior and exterior lighting systems.  As a client of ours, we will help you upgrade your property with energy efficient, longer lasting lighting which will cut energy bills and save you lots of money.

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