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Fall is here, time to get in an autumn state of mind

101840039_jpg_rendition_largestAs the lazy days of summer fade and green turns to brown, a wonderful crispness enters the air.  Well sometimes, this is L.A. after all.  But back to my point- It’s time for fall and the last quarter of another lightening fast year. Greet these changes in style by infusing your house or apartment with some fall flavors. Take your cues from the great outdoors and learn how to bring the beauty and aroma’s of the season inside your home.

When the weather turns cool and crisp, your home becomes more of a haven than ever.  Adding a seasonal centerpiece to the dining table can be done quite easily and can literally transform your living space into an autumn oasis. 101201948_jpg_rendition_largestToss in some new throw blankets and decorative pillows to couches in cool colors, like blues, purples, and greens, to complement different shades of red, orange, and yellow leaves.

Why not add some pumpkin, apple, cinnamon and spice candles to the mix.   The nostalgic scents of Autumn can transform the mundane into the extraordinary.  Light them up, lay back and let your mind wander to distant memories of the seasons past.

After a long hot summer, now is the time to retrench and recapture the connection to the great indoors.  An  oasis of peace and tranquility within our homes and inside ourselves await.  So go grab yourself a pumpkin latte and rejoice in the beginning of Fall 2015!

Why Use Us

Maximize Your Real Estate Investment with Westside Property Management

Why should you hire WPM Management:

You and your clients own property for one reason – as a financial investment.
With years of experience and comprehensive management expertise, WPM can enhance the value of your real estate assets and make the most of your portfolio.

Entrust your investment to the best in the business. Hire Westside Property Management.

A Westside Property Manager can:

Offer proven expertise:
Experience is one of the defining qualities of a our property managers. All of our managers have many years of experience in the property management industry. Our managers must display proficiency in the core areas of real estate management and show professionalism and reliability beyond others in our industry.

Troubleshoot problems efficiently:
At Westside Property Management we have the ability to resolve complex issues and unforeseen obstacles quickly and efficiently. If a tenant crisis or a series of operational setbacks should suddenly arise, you can rely on us to provide immediate solutions.

Oversee all aspects if operations:
When you hire Westside Property Management, you hire a versatile specialist. Our property managers are trained to handle the full range of real estate management tasks, with skills covering  the financial, legal, social, economic, and physical areas essential to property performance. At Westside we manage mixed portfolios, including all types of office, retail, and we specializing in multifamily and single-family properties.

Compete successfully in your market:
Whether your real estate investment are in one city or across the world, Westside Property Management knows hot to position your properties in the local markets. For insight on all real estate markets Westside Property Management taps into a network of over 8,800 management professionals worldwide.

Help you maximize returns:
Hiring our company means that you have someone who can do more than building maintenance. WPM professionals are trained to streamline operations and take your ROI to new levels.

Communicate with ease:
Our Managers are seasoned professionals with solid communications skilled. From one-on-one interaction with residents or tenants to boardroom meetings regarding P&L statements, Westside Managers can interact skillfully with a wide array of audiences.

Protect your investment:
Westside Property Managers abide by the most stringent code of ethics in the industry – or risk losing license and designations. Real Estate laws are strictly enforced and require the utmost care in managing your properties. You can trust WPM to manage your investment with unquestionable integrity.

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Do I Need A Property Manager?

If you have purchased an investment property and are planning to rent it for commercial or residential purposes, you might want to consider a property manager. If you are a first time investor, you may not realize how time consuming effectively managing that property can be- you may become overwhelmed in no time at all. Even if you are a veteran investor, you may think you have enough experience to forgo the expense and manage things on your own, only to find out you?re completely in over your head. Both of these scenarios are fairly common, and a property manager can help you with operations of your property.

Property Requires Commitment

Think about the long-term commitment required of your property- management doesn?t stop with collecting rent. In fact, that alone can prove a headache you do not have the patience to deal with. A property manager can help you deal with the routine management and maintenance issues that will surface quite frequently, especially depending on the size and number of your investment property(s). Other aspects of the job that a property manager can help you with are the back end of operations- book-keeping, documentation, filing, forms, and portfolio management.

The Value of Your Time

If it?s true that time is money, a property manager can be invaluable. Most likely, you know better than anyone just how true this statement is. The majority of investors has more than one investment opportunities going at the same time, or are employing at a 9-5 job during the day. How in the world will you be able to be in two places at once? If this is the case, having a dedicated property manager that will free up your time to pursue your money making opportunities is not only a benefit, but a necessity!

Location of Your Property

You should also consider the geographic location of your investment property compared to where you spend most of your time- a property manager may be more accessible than your schedule or location allows. Even if you live in the same city, your property may be on the complete opposite side of town than your office or home, requiring a minimum of a 1-2 hour commute round trip. On the other hand, you may have invested in a property in another city or state. In both of these situations, it?s practically impossible to effectively manage the property(s) in a long-distance capacity. A property manager can be available to the tenant(s) 24/7, and will have quicker access to resources for emergency maintenance situations.

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