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Westside Property Management, Inc., Property Management, Santa Monica, CA

Westside Property Management
Based on 54 Reviews
agaconstruction a.
2018-03-21 21:34:36
My company Machaon construction has been working with Westside Property Management for a long time. Josh, Guy , and Ollie Barre are all very professional...
Diana A.
2018-05-17 13:37:31
What can I say, time flew by and it's time to renew the lease.. we love the house and wanted wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys for being so...
Sara R.
2018-05-07 10:15:51
We have been happily working with Josh Barre & company for many years, and his service is as professional as it gets. As the personal owners of one of the...
Corinna Y.
2018-03-29 12:37:39
Westside is a small family run business that really cares about your property and tries to make a difference. They have been of tremendous help and very...
Kyle R.
2018-06-23 07:41:23
I've only met Guy the dad in the business but he came across as super knowledgeable and honest. I am moving forward with them as the possible company to...
Devon B.
2017-09-09 15:53:02
As a professional realtor working on a top-producing team in LA, any recommendation I give to my clients I take very seriously as it reflects directly upon...
Naoko S.
2018-08-20 19:10:22
I just wanted to thank Josh and his leasing team for helping me secure my new apartment. They made the process so seamless and went way above and beyond to...
Zain P.
2018-08-26 18:30:46
Loved working with Josh, very friendly. He was flexible with my schedule, very accommodating, helpful with providing connections to other service providers....
Gabrielle K.
2018-12-14 11:50:57
As a successful high volume leasing agent in Los Angeles for many years I have worked with many property managers and Westside is by far the most...
Behi R.
2019-01-06 12:59:20
Josh and his organization are excellent. They rented my unit with one month of listing. This past Saturday there was a leak. Within an hour they had a...
Nerys H.
2019-01-27 23:19:55
I have nothing but positive things to say about Westside Property Management. Any problem I've ever had, they're on top of it straight away. From the staff,...
Mahmoud Millian T.
2019-02-22 14:12:11
westside properties managment are amazing. I have been using them for couple months now and I must say they always respond to my tenant very fast and fix...
R R.
2019-03-09 08:54:25
There was a bit of miscommunication/misunderstanding initially. I actually ended up speaking to Josh and he was as gracious as everyone has described. He...
Laurie B.
2019-04-07 16:09:31
Thank you Westside for taking such good care of our home this past year and a half. The renters are wonderful and are a great fit with the neighbors (who we...
Janes C.
2019-06-07 10:09:08
The team at Westside property management is professional courteous and has always helped me fill my rentals when I needed them with amazing tenants and...
L C.
2019-06-16 05:00:18
I've never had a property management before and was very skeptical if the fee was worth it. Compared to the other agents I met with, Josh came across as...
Mac M.
2019-07-08 12:18:11
Best in the business! If you want to work with people who are honest and fair, this is the place.
Gilda S.
2019-07-14 09:49:32
We've trusted our rentals to Westside Properties LA for several years and we couldn't be happier. Everyone in this company has been completely trustworthy,...
S. W.
2019-09-07 11:47:57
Excellent service from day 1!Prior to working with Josh and the Westside Property Management team, we had an empty home in the LA area that we needed to...
Jessica S.
2020-04-28 15:36:11
I cannot say enough positive things about WPM. The staff (we've worked with Eric and Tiffany) has always been extremely friendly, accommodating and helpful....
Delilah J.
2020-04-29 16:08:10
My ex and I have been renting out our Culver City house through Westside Property Management for a year now, and could not be happier. Owner Joshua Barre...
Delilah J.
2020-05-19 20:32:42
We have been using Westside Property Management for a year now for our Culver City house rental. We have been beyond pleased from day one, and now I want to...
Paul M.
2020-06-01 18:18:51
Such a delightful experience to be able to lease a property through such a smooth process company. My new flat in west side for my long term stay in LA is...
Annie C.
2020-06-22 14:26:41
WPMLA became the management company the owner of our building put in place in the last six months. The professionalism of WPMLA's whole team was exemplary....
Leah P.
2020-09-23 17:27:33
Westside Property Managment has done an excellent job keeping our property running, especially during this pandemic. Thank You So Much!...
Jeannie M.
2020-10-22 11:30:44
We were recently switched to Westside Property and the difference in service, speed, and professionalism was unbelievable. I had forgotten what actual...
Brigid D.
2020-10-26 11:55:24
I had a great experience with WPM. Bella was very quick to respond and make sure my application was submitted and reviewed faster, in order to expedite the...